Thursday, June 14, 2007

I can Optimize Your Current PC

Hello how are you

I am just a simple guy who fixes and optimizes computers.

I also buy and sell PCs and PC parts and other hard to find electronics as well. SO if you are ever looking for something and want it cheaper then you'll find at a comp usa, best buy or circuit city then drop me a line

If your system is slow, broken, and or virus infected then give me a call...or if you simply don't have the money to replace it..I can optimize your PC for you to meet current industry standards.

I do this all day at any my hours will probably match you perfectly. Give me a call if you want an Honest quote, repair job, new or refurbished system at a decent price....


Wlimington Delaware Right off Nammans Road
Call for a quote or drop your system by and I will take a look at it


p1 : 1.302.482.4105
Em :